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The first year I traveled to Greece with was my two girlfriends in 2007. I was hooked. I love the islands of Paros and Antiparos and I have been fortunate to have made great friends and wonderful contacts there. I return each summer and am constantly amazed at the opportunities to share new things with people traveling on our trip. The first few years we basically kayaked all day and although we had great days I felt that people traveling all the way to Greece should also have some time to experience more of the islands, the wonderful hikes, the archaeological ruins, beaches, food and island life.
The summer of 2015 saw some changes in our trip itinerary. We just got back and it exceeded my expectations! This trip has grown pretty much by word-of-mouth, I don't really advertise, and keep the groups small. I want to make sure everyone has the greatest time and their trip to Greece lives up to their expectations, or better!

In 2011 we had 7 participants, 10 kayakers in 2012, 6 paddlers in 2014, 3 explorers in 2015 and we're looking forward to 2016 continue our success!

Some comments from previous trips include
"I felt like I was in a dream, it was so beautiful..."
"My new favorite color is blue - the beauty of the water and the different shades of color was incredible..."
"Kayaking in and out of the sea caves was something I've never done before, the immensity of the colored marble cliffs was astounding..."
"It was the trip of a lifetime, I'm not sure anything else can measure up..."
"For the rare opportunity to experience the beautiful Greek islands and get to know its wonderful people - Thanks. It's been great."
"... This was the trip of a lifetime. Kayaking in the Greek islands is a dream come true. Antiparos - the sheer beauty of the island with its many coves, caves, and greens and blues of the surrounding water - is a multi-layered landscape etched in my mind. Thank you for making this experience and adventure possible."
"I loved the smaller islands, Santorini is beautiful, but the kayaking portion of the trip was my favorite. Thank you so much for a great trip, Kostas and you made a great team."  
"I loved every bit of the adventure..."

Please make sure to read the preliminary itinerary and decide for yourself. This will be an adventure. You'll have the time of your life. Opportunities don't come around like this every day. Let's travel to Greece and explore these beautiful islands.
chris carey
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